Practice the fun kind of "social distancing" - POWERBLAST your way into the New Year!
Practice the fun kind of "social distancing" - POWERBLAST your way into the New Year!
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Our Story...

Like many of the famous Silicon Valley companies, our history begins in the family garage just as the Silicon Valley boom was beginning. (Ours was located in Sunnyvale, California.) Rick Thompson was interested in improving the performance and efficiency of automobiles during the gas crunch of the 1970's and had many ideas on how he could do both without sacrificing one over the other.  He bench-, street- and strip- tested his inventions on his own Boss Mustangs, family cars and friends' muscle cars of all brands. Rick achieved what he set out to do - all while having a blast and usually surprising many other racers and onlookers.  


 Our father was a Master Mechanical Engineer who grew up near the Indy International Speedway and was educated and apprenticed in Detroit, MI. He was very impressed with the devices Rick created and helped Rick research production methods for his devices.  

 Rick later opened a speed shop in Sunnyvale creating high performance engines for local car enthusiasts and became a master engine builder. This lead to forming a company in Los Angeles, CA working with other automotive industry consultants and experts, where Rick continued his quest in better performance and efficiency for all types of combustion engines.

Extensive testing for over 30 years has helped Rick to refine his technologies and validate each device's capabilities. Multiple independent Dyno, track and street tests have confirmed the workability of these technologies beyond any doubt.


From an early age (as you can see in this photo), Founding Member and CEO Dan Thompson worked alongside his brother Rick on his various projects and cars in both the family garage and later at the speed shop. Dan has owned a series of muscle cars and hot rods himself since before he had a drivers license, and his passion for automotive performance has never waned. He brings a background in successful business growth and management, and extensive production of technical drawings.  Dan is instrumental in every aspect of production of the Thompson Performance, LLC devices, from the production of technical drawings and patenting, to day-to-day operations of the company. 


Jaime Thompson is a Founding Member of Thompson Performance, LLC and its Director of Promotion & Marketing and Sales.  She is co-owner of a 1966 Mustang GT and grew up in a performance vehicle-oriented family: her parents owned a 1969 Roadrunner and a Chevy El Camino.  Her father also won best in class for his Triumph street bike at the Sac Autorama in 1969, and he regales us with tales of having torn up the strip with that bike as well.  Jaime brings with her many years of management experience and a competitive sport background in swimming and a study of martial arts.

 The culmination of this family's passion and creativity is Dan and Jaime's formation of Thompson Performance, LLC and the release of our first device - the POWERBLAST PLATE.  There are several more products in the line-up which will be released in a particular order.  Stay tuned to this website for the release of our other technologies... you'll be glad you did.