It's time to experience the POWERBLAST PRODUCTS difference! All POWERBLAST PLATEs are discounted to Show Special prices!
It's time to experience the POWERBLAST PRODUCTS difference! All POWERBLAST PLATEs are discounted to Show Special prices!
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Watch the video below to see the normal factory accelerator pump nozzle spray which is followed by the same shot of fuel modified by the POWERBLAST PLATE. Notice the improved atomization with the POWERBLAST PLATE which results in a faster and crisper engine response. 




The POWERBLAST PLATE was specifically designed to improve throttle response and acceleration performance, however, we are also seeing increases in peak Horsepower and Torque, because the engine does not have to recover from a flood of wet, raw (unatomized) fuel.  The dyno graphs show that there is less recovery needed from the raw fuel shots due to the improved atomization created by the POWERBLAST PLATE. The engine stays at a higher level through the entire band, as the POWERBLAST PLATE also directs the fuel in an exact pattern which promotes smoother transition to the main boosters and more even fuel delivery cylinder to cylinder, as has been picked up by sensors in each header tube while on a dyno. Getting that better start and directing the atomized fuel makes a huge difference in overall performance .

Below are independent chassis Dyno test results. The first is for an Edelbrock® Performer carburetor on a mild street engine with only one POWERBLAST PLATE. 

 The second is a Holley® mechanical secondary carburetor with two POWERBLAST PLATEs installed - one for each accel pump discharge nozzle. 



Next is a graph showing the average acceleration performance improvement with the POWERBLAST PLATE installed.  The testing was done on a mild street build as noted at the bottom of the graph.  


We have received feedback from many drag racers that the addition of the POWERBLAST PLATE has improve race times as well. How much improvement one experiences while racing will vary, of course, but the average 60 ft time improvement has been .04 and .06 improvement in 1/8 mile times with 2 POWERBLAST PLATEs on a mechanical secondary Holley. Those using a trans-brake have reported getting up on the brake faster and smoother resulting in faster launches and wins.


We have customers doing almost every kind of racing you can imagine - and winning - with the POWERBLAST PLATE!  From Autocross to Dirt Modified, Sprint Cars and Drag Racers, Mud Trucks to Fan Boats... if it's carbureted, there's a good chance it's "POWERBLAST"ed.