Get the POWERBLAST PLATE at the show discount price, right from our website.
Get the POWERBLAST PLATE at the show discount price, right from our website.
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Here are testimonials from just a few of our POWERBLAST PLATE customers. You can find more reviews on our Facebook page.


"I installed this device (POWERBLAST PLATE) and the performance results were amazing. This carb now feels as smooth as fuel injection. I have been tuning this carb for months and finally have a carb that gives great throttle response, no hesitation, and with a linear power band." 

- Factory Five Racing Cobra owner


"I recently purchased 2 plates for a 4150 Holley at the show in Pleasanton! I took the bait! And happily your plate works! I am telling all my club members as well as others to buy this product! I also installed it in less than 20 minutes... Thank you for a wonderful product!! I will be ordering some more sometime soon! Thanks again!"

- B.P., 4150 Holley Mechanical Secondary


"I have a '71 Cuda 440/ 6 pack with a Holley 2300 center carb… I installed your Powerblast Plate…After a warm up I took it on the freeway close-by where I do a lot of seat-of-the-pants testing. The throttle response seemed much faster with no delay or bogs and the transition from 2 bbl to 6 bbl was greatly reduced. I tried part-throttle and full-throttle stabs at different rpm's from 2500 to 3000. The only transition I noticed was the power surge of going from 2 to 6 barrels!” 

- J.P. ’71 ‘Cuda with 440 6 Pack 


"I bought 2 POWERBLAST PLATES for my 4150 Holley carburetor in my '67 Camaro.  After installing the plates ...I test drove my car and I got super throttle response and the engine runs super smooth now without a hole in acceleration. I'm really impressed from this little part and I love the effect of the POWERBLAST PLATE..."

​- F.K. 4150 Holley, '67 Camaro, Germany


"I purchased your POWERBLAST PLATE during Hot August Nights and was very impressed with your product. Your POWERBLAST PLATE improved the response of my 570 cfm Holley® and eliminated the off line stumble. You have a simple fix to a difficult problem to solve.  Thanks again and keep up the good work."

- R.M., owner Holley carburetor


“Installed them (POWERBLAST PLATEs) on my 750 Demon. Although I didn't have a hesitation problem, they really make a difference in throttle response.”

- L., Facebook commenter